Silk Scarf

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(Italian) Cypress, Bellflower, Creeping bellflower, Mediterranean hartwort, Perforate St. John's-wort, Prickly poppy, Sage-leaved cistus, Mullein, Red poppy, Wild parsley, Salsify, Scarlet pimpernel, Scented mayweed, Malabaila, Tassel hyacinth, Mallow-leaved bindweed, Cretan gum cistus, Blue pimpernel and Showy mullein, smooth sow-thistle, whole-leavedscabious, Kohirauscia, Naples garlic, Sweet pea, Cachfly, Small scabiousl

164cm x 44 (65"x 17")

Item: MEF001

It's a fine thing to walk
where the meadows are grassy,
where light zephyr
blows the sweetest breeze....

(Anakreontia 41)

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